West Ham fans on Pellegrini: “Only here for a quick buck”, “Had enough”

Some West Ham fans have taken to Twitter to express their concerns over Manuel Pellegrini, after the Hammers suffered a 2-0 defeat to Everton.

4 thoughts on “West Ham fans on Pellegrini: “Only here for a quick buck”, “Had enough””

  1. We only spent on these new players because they were scouted and obviously impressed, suddenly when they come to us they’re nothing short of average.
    It’s not rocket surgery to see that something’s wrong when a squad of this undoubted talent plays like that, especially against an awful side like Everton.

  2. West ham are an also ran team , never have been exeptional, never will be , I’ve been a hammer since 1964 , I’ve seen brilliant performances , I’ve seen crap , even with moore , hurst & Peter’s they were still also rans, some of you seem to expect them to win everything they wont , if you dont like it , then stop going ,,

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